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Atlas 24h is a leading roadside assistance company in the Serbian market with over 15 years of experience in providing services.

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Atlas24h DONATES 50 dinars from each sold roadside assitance plan, to the project “Zebra on Alert” for the safety of children in traffic.



    24 / 7  call center, in situations where you need assistance on the road

    +381 69 667 667 arrow

    Available from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm, for ordering roadside assistance plans

    +381 61 31 35 333 arrow
  • INFO number

    Available on weekdays from 9-20h to change data in the Atlas24h contract and info about road conditions

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What our clients think about us

  • “I had a vehicle breakdown, called the SOS center and explained the type of breakdown. Within two minutes, I was called by their partner, who came and towed the vehicle.”

    Petar Bogdanovic

  • “A great choice for road safety.” I have been using Atlas road assistance plans for several years. It paid off for me. I travel without worry. I recommend!”

    Edita Vrbaski

  • “Every recommendation and praise for Atlas24h. Friendly operators and quick arrival at the location where the vehicle broke down, as well as transportation to the service station.

    Marko Mickovic


Plan Activation

If you have already purchased an Atlas24h Road Assistance plan or one of our partner cards (Bosch Car, Bex plan, BizUp) that requires activation, you can do so here in just a few steps.

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  • Is Atlas24h an insurance?

    Atlas24h is not an insurance policy in the traditional sense. But don’t worry; many people confuse these concepts. Our company is narrowly specialized in providing 24-hour roadside assistance, which has been our primary activity for over 15 years. Vehicle insurance is handled by other companies and is mandatory when registering a vehicle in Serbia, but it does not include 24-hour roadside assistance, which is crucial in case of any breakdown of your vehicle.

  • Why should I get a roadside assistance plan when it’s not required by law?

    Unlike the countries of Western Europe, where roadside assistance is legally regulated, in Serbia it is not yet mandatory. But The Road Traffic Safety Act clearly states that towing is only possible until the first exit from the highway or motorway, which ties the hands of drivers in trouble.

    In case you skip the first exit, the police officers can write you a fine on the spot in the amount of 5,000 to 25,000 dinars (RSD). There are also details about which type of breakdown requires a tow rope or rigid connection, the required distance between vehicles, etc.”

    Therefore, only a roadside assistance plan can offer you a solution where you won’t have to worry about what to do if your vehicle breaks down. The solution is just one call away

  • When a breakdown occurs, why don’t you simply call any towing service?”

    That sounds simple, but in practice it’s not like that. If you don’t have the Atlas24h roadside assistance plan, you will encounter a series of problems. From what number to call, who and what kind of vehicle will come, whether you will wait an hour or two or more… And the most important , how much they will charge you for the service.

    Towing prices are up to 10 times more expensive if you don’t have a roadside assistance plan. There is an additional charge at night.

    The more in trouble you are and the bigger the problem, the tow trucks can increase the price on the spot. That’s why you’re never sure. We also assume that you have money with you.

    Various frauds on Serbian highways, related to illegal towing services, are also something to consider.

    Why experience stress, nervousness and large financial expenses when there is a simple solution with an annual roadside assistance plan.

  • If I have the Atlas24h roadside assistance plan and I have a breakdown, what is the procedure?

    You only need to call our SOS phone number, give us info about the location and type of malfunction, and everything else is up to us. We have over 400 partners in Serbia who meet the highest standards of service, equipment, and professionalism.

    Our partner who is closest to you at that moment will come to the scene, ensuring the fastest possible service.

    On average, we arrive at the scene within 30 minutes. In larger cities, it is often faster than the average.

    If you choose Nacionalni paket, we will tow your vehicle and transport all passengers to your address without any additional costs, so you won’t need your wallet. Quick, simple, and efficient!

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More than 15 years with you…

We have been with you since 2008! By chance, the founders of Atlas crossed paths through business obligations. In an informal conversation, they shared personal travel experiences where the joys of their vacations were interrupted by vehicle breakdowns…

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Atlas Roadside Assistance Experiences

The fact that we have more than 15 years of experience in providing roadside assistance services, can say a lot about us. We transfer the experience to through safety education of road users.


Atlas Roadside Assistance plans – Better than insurance

Today, Atlas24h roadside assistance is a leading company on the territory of Serbia and in the region in roadside assistance services and related activities such as Rent a car and passenger transfers. “We were the first to offer unlimited distance towing within Serbia, as well as coverage for vehicle repair costs. So, with our National Plan, you need nothing else to get home safely, along with all your passengers.