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We have been with you since 2008!

For the founders of Atlas (Atlas24h), their business obligations coincided with road assistance. In an informal conversation, they exchanged personal experiences from the trip, the idyll of which was disrupted by a vehicle breakdown.

“Those were events that we were reluctant to remember. And they referred to the many-hour wait for help, in bad weather, as well as the high fee for the poor towing service we received. We came to the conclusion that there is untapped potential in the mentioned branch and that fellow drivers, in a difficult situation, do not have a choice and that quality is an imaginary noun.”.

For the founders of Atlas (Atlas24h), business obligations crossed paths on the road. In an informal conversation, they exchanged personal experiences from the trip, the idyll of which was disrupted by a vehicle breakdown.



Today, Atlas24h is a company with more than 150 energetic people who share the founder’s commitment to fast, efficient and quality road assistance service for all our clients.

When we talk about us, we have to emphasize that we provide 24-hour roadside assistance on the territory of Serbia and Europe. We have over 200 strategically placed tow trucks throughout Serbia and a partnership program with the assistance company AWP Austria (member of the Allianz group) for the territory of Europe. At Atlas, we are driven by the desire to provide our users with a unique sense of safety on the road.

Our decades of experience and knowledge in the field of roadside assistance can say a lot about us. We selflessly transfer all this to the promotion and education of the safety of road users.


Zebra on alert

Atlas24h is the leading partner of the project for the safety of children in traffic “Zebra on alert”. From 20.7.2023. from each plan sold, Atlas24h donates 50 dinars for the project, which ensures financial support and sustainability of the project.

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What does our mission say about us?

Our mission is quality service. This is what drives us at Atlas. We strive to provide our users with a unique feeling of security and carefree on the road, thanks to our dedicated team of workers and associates.

With the quality, speed and precision of our service, we want to be always at your call at any time of the day or night and in any place.

Atlas24h is the logical choice of every driver in Serbia, because we guarantee:

  • the highest quality service in terms of speed, efficiency and relationship with the client,
  • the largest and most affordable range of roadside assistance plans,
  • long-term cooperation and satisfaction.


References confirm everything we say

  • During 15 years of dedicated work, Atlas24h has created a wide network of clients, partners and associates, which has made us undisputed leaders in our industry.
  • Since 2016, thanks to this cooperation, we have started developmentAtlas Loyalty program.This program provides all our users with additional benefits and discounts from our partners: Bosch Car Service, Auto Stakla Ivanić, B-Trip travel agency, Private Health Discount.
  • We are proud of our successful cooperation with the following companies: A1 mobile, Lidl, Shoppster, Lukoil, Internet Prodaja Guma, Sat Revija show and Young Timer magazine, RegOs, Mondial Assistance, BalkanAuto, Bridge Communication, Bookiraj.com, Icom Communications.
  • Referencewe also have from the largest companies operating in Serbia such as: Knjaz Miloš, Hyundai, Delta Holding, Delta Motors, Nelt, Apatinska Pivara, DDOR Novi Sad, Ford Grand Motors, Avia, Victoria Group…
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    Clients by recommendation

  • 24 / 7

    SOS number available

  • 300.000 +

    Safe and secure drivers


Always safe and secure on the road with us


Today, Atlas24h roadside assistance is a leading company in the territory of Serbia and in the region in roadside assistance services and related activities such as car rental and passenger transfer.

We were the first to offer the possibility of unlimited towing distance on the territory of Serbia, as well as covering the costs of vehicle repairs. You don’t need anything else beside National road assistance plan, to arrive safely at your home, together with all the passengers.

With Euro+ plan we solved the problem of expensive vehicle repairs in Europe with the service of unconditional return of vehicles from abroad, so you no longer have to depend on anyone.

Since 2023, we have introduced International+ roadside assistance plan, which combines all the benefits of the National and Euro+ plans into one plan. Soon after, International+ became the best-selling plan from our offer.

Our plans contain everything necessary even for the most demanding drivers to be carefree in their vehicle, whether on the roads in Serbia or Europe. Simply, you are part of our big family and you deserve to drive carefree.


What our clients think about us

  • “I had a vehicle breakdown, called the SOS center and explained the type of breakdown. Within two minutes, I was called by their partner, who came and towed the vehicle.”

    Petar Bogdanovic

  • “A great choice for road safety.” I have been using Atlas road assistance plans for several years. It paid off for me. I travel without worry. I recommend!”

    Edita Vrbaski

  • “Every recommendation and praise for Atlas24h. Friendly operators and quick arrival at the location where the vehicle broke down, as well as transportation to the service station.

    Marko Mickovic