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The Moto Evropa plan stands out on the market for its content and quality. It covers all countries in Europe (except Serbia) + Turkey and is adapted for all motorcycle riders who travel abroad, either for tourism or adventure travel. In the case of a breakdown or traffic accident abroad, this plan allows client to choose the service that suits them best at that moment without any hidden prerequisites. Do you want us to tow the vehicle to a nearby service center where you can have it repaired for up to €500 or to your address in Serbia with no distance limit – the choice is yours! Transportation of all passengers in both situations is provided. From additional services, you can choose hotel accommodation or Rent a Car for up to four days. Fast, efficient, simple and carefree! The plan lasts for one year from the date of activation and includes one assistance.

Assistance includes:

  • 1

    Towing the motorcycle to Serbia

    In the case of a breakdown or a traffic accident, the user has the right to a vehicle towing service without distance restrictions for the Republic of Serbia to the registered address . This service is highly rated by drivers.

  • 2

    Vehicle repair up to €500

    Instead of returning the vehicle to Serbia, the user of the service can opt for a towing service to the nearest service center and cover the costs of repairing the vehicle in a limit of up to 500 euros, depending on the type of breakdown. Vehicle repair costs include on-site service costs or service costs (cost of spare parts, cost of repairman’s work and storage costs).

  • 3

    Transportation of all passengers

    During towing , the transportation of all passengers who are on the motorcycle at the time of breakdown to the desired destination (user address/service/hotel) is provided . Passengers are transported in the vehicles of our partners.

  • 4

    Minor repair on site

    On-site repair involves going out to the field by professional repairmen to repair minor defects such as tire replacement, battery refill, fuel refill and similar smaller defects… If it is not possible to repair the defect on-site, the user still has the option of towing to the service center.

  • 5

    Hotel accommodation up to 4 nights

    The service user has the right to hotel accommodation for a maximum of 4 nights for all passengers who were on the motorcycle at the time of the breakdown. The user cannot exercise the right to the overnight service separately and without the towing service. Overnight service covers costs up to 80 euros per night in accommodation in a hotel with a maximum of 3 stars.

  • 6

    Rent a Car do 4 dana

    The user of the service has the right to the Rent a Car service for a maximum of 4 days with cost coverage of up to 30 euros per day. The user cannot exercise the right to the Rent a Car service separately and without the towing service.

  • 7

    Continuation of the journey

    If the user wants to continue the journey to the desired destination without a vehicle, the costs of the bus ticket to the destination are approved. The user cannot exercise the right to the service of continuation of the trip separately, but only after the occurrence of a vehicle breakdown.

Combine adventure and driving experiences with the safety of the Moto Europe Plan


Apply online, get additional benefits and contribute to the project of children’s safety in traffic:

  • Free plan delivery or electronic contract (depending on your choice)
  • Voucher for free vehicle inspection and diagnostics at Bosch Car Service
  • Voucher for 2 free nights in Rafting Center RT
  • Atlas24h will donate 50 dinars from each roadside assistance plan sold to the “Zebra on alert” project. In this way, the members of Atlas24h contribute to the development of the project of child safety in traffic, provide financial support and sustainability of this project.
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What our clients think about us:

  • “Excellent, fast and reliable service! Tow servicer deserved all the praise! For the first time, we encountered vehicle towing. The guy did his work systematically and conscientiously, so there was nothing to worry about. I want to thank you once again and wish you all the best in your future work! My recommendation!”

    Sanja Jovanovic

  • „Kindness and service at a very enviable level. Kudos to them. And I arrived at Atlas on the recommendation of my best man, who is also delighted. They know their job to do it right.“

    Miroslav Dzudovic