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My (Personal) plan is adapted to drivers who have several vehicles or change them frequently. It is linked to a personal name (person), so it is enough to be in a passenger vehicle that has broken down in order to use the assistance. Wherever you go, with Moj paket you are sure that you will get back to your address safely or have your car repaired in a limit of up to 100 euros at Bosch Car Service. Users have the option of using plan services on the territory of Serbia in any passenger vehicle. Economical, practical, simple – My plan. The plan lasts for one year from the date of activation and includes one assistance.

Assistance includes:

  • 1

    Unlimited towing distance

    You can use the assistance for towing to your registered address or a nearby service. It doesn’t matter where the breakdown/traffic accident occurred on the territory of Serbia, with My plan and unlimited towing distance, you can be sure that you will always return to your address. You don’t have to be the driver, it’s even enough to be a passenger in the vehicle to be able to use the assistance. If it suits you better, you can choose another option of towing to a nearby service.

  • 2

    Vehicle repair up to €100

    If the vehicle breaks down more than 100 km from the registered address (mandatory condition), the user can choose another option instead of towing to the address, which involves repairing the vehicle for up to 100 euros at a nearby Bosch Car Service or an authorized service center. The user chooses the option that suits him best at that moment. For example: You went with your family or company from Novi Sad/Belgrade to Zlatibor for the weekend and you have a breakdown near Užice. Instead of going back to the address and interrupting your vacation, you get a towing service to the nearby Bosch Car service and cover the costs of vehicle repairs in the amount of up to 100 euros, so you can immediately continue your journey! If the defect repair is more than 100 euros, the user pays the difference in price. In the case more complex and longer repair, the client is provided with a place to stay, so you don’t even have to worry about that.

  • 3

    Minor repair on site

    On-site repair involves the Atlas24h repairman going out to the field to repair minor defects such as tire replacement, battery refill, fuel refill and similar minor defects… If it is not possible to repair the defect on-site, the user still has the option of towing to the registered address or service. The costs of spare parts, fuel, etc. are borne by the user.

  • 4

    Transportation of passengers from the vehicle

    During towing , the user of the plan found in the vehicle at the time of breakdown is also transported to the desired destination (user address or service). There is a possibility of organizing the transportation of other passengers at the user’s expense.

  • 5

    Transportation of trailer

    In the case that the user has a towing vehicle such as a trailer, the towing of that towing vehicle is provided as part of the plan without any additional charge. The connecting vehicle must be registered, technically correct and the light signaling installed according to the standard.

  • 6

    Caring for vehicles

    In situations such as a major breakdown/waiting for spare parts or if the user of the service had a traffic accident and is unable to drive the vehicle, your car will be secured with our partner for up to 3 days.

Any car can be yours


Apply online, get additional benefits and contribute to the project of children’s safety in traffic:

  • Free plan delivery or electronic contract (depending on your choice)
  • Voucher for free vehicle inspection and diagnostics at Bosch Car Service
  • Voucher for 2 free nights in Rafting Center RT
  • Atlas24h will donate 50 dinars from each roadside assistance plan sold to the “Zebra on alert” project. In this way, the members of Atlas24h contribute to the development of the project of child safety in traffic, provide financial support and sustainability of this project.
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What our clients think about us:

  • “I had a vehicle breakdown, called the SOS center and explained the type of breakdown. Within two minutes, I was called by their partner, who came and towed the vehicle.”

    Petar Bogdanovic

  • “A great choice for road safety.” I have been using Atlas road assistance plans for several years. It paid off for me. I travel without worry. I recommend!”

    Edita Vrbaski

  • “Every recommendation and praise for Atlas24h. Friendly operators and quick arrival at the location where the vehicle broke down, as well as transportation to the service station.

    Marko Mickovic