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The Van Max plan covers the territory of Serbia. Unlimited towing distance, on-site repair and assistance from the Tire plan bring complete peace of mind to every driver. If you are the owner of a van or small cargo vehicle with a total weight of up to 5.0 tons gross, you surely know how difficult it is to find a towing service that has all the necessary legal technical equipment for towing vehicles. In addition, the time of going to the scene from your call is always problematic. Atlas Kombi Maxi plan will solve all these worries. The plan lasts for one year from the date of activation and includes one assistance.

Assistance includes:

  • 1

    Unlimited towing distance

    You can use the assistance for towing to your registered address or to a nearby service station. It doesn’t matter where the breakdown/traffic accident occurred on the territory of Serbia, with the Kombi Maxi plan and unlimited towing distance, you can be worry-free about returning to your address. If you get more answers, you can choose another option that involves towing to a nearby service station.

  • 2

    Minor repair on site

    On-site repair involves the Atlas24h repairman going out to the field to repair minor defects such as tire replacement, battery refill, fuel refill and similar defects… We will solve everything that can be solved on the spot, if it is not possible, you still have the option of towing to your registered address or service. The costs of spare parts, fuel, etc. are borne by the user.

  • 3

    Assistance from the Tire plan

    If it is not possible to fix the tire problem on your van on the spot, we will tow you to a nearby vulcanizer, where Atlas covers the cost of repairing damaged tires up to 100 euros or buying new tires up to 2000 euros. You can read details about the Guma plan HERE.

  • 4

    Transportation of passengers from the vehicle

    During towing, transportation of two passengers who are in the vehicle at the time of breakdown to the desired destination (user address or service) is also provided . Passengers are transported in the vehicles of our partners. During the assistance, the operator of the Atlas24h SOS center checks with the user the exact number of passengers, and based on that information, we provide a suitable partner and a tow vehicle. If there are pets in the vehicle, their transportation is also provided and is carried out in the transporter in the same area as the passengers from the vehicle. If this is not possible, pets are transported in the user’s vehicle.

  • 5

    Caring for vehicles

    In situations such as a major breakdown/waiting for spare parts or if the user of the service has had a traffic accident and is unable to drive the vehicle, the van will be parked and secured by our partner for up to 3 days.

  • 6

    Delivery of keys

    If the user loses the vehicle key or has a problem of a similar nature and the spare key is located at the registered address, the user has the right to have the keys delivered to the place where the vehicle is located. The driver of the tow truck, who is a partner or associate of Atlas, is obliged to follow the security procedure for checking ownership of the vehicle for which there are no keys. The user of the service must be maximally cooperative and enable verification of ownership.

  • 7

    Organization of other services

    If there is a need, i.e. the user’s request for the organization of other services, such as the organization of transportation of sensitive cargo or other passengers, Atlas24h will meet the user and help. The user bears the costs of the service that should be paid to the third party that performs the service itself.

  • List of vans:

    Renault MasterRenault TraficRenault Mascot
    Ford TransitFiat ScudoFiat Talento
    Fiat DucatoVW CrafterVW Transporter
    VW T1, T2, T3, T4, T5…VW LTMercedes Sprinter
    Mercedes VianoMercedes VitoPeugeot Boxer
    Peugeot ExpertPeugeot TraficIveco
    Citroen JumperCitroen JumpyCitroen Dispatch
    Citroen Space TourerCitroen RelayOpel Movano
    Opel VivaroHyundai H100Mutsubishi L300
    Nissan Primastar

Maximum security

for van drivers


Apply online, get additional benefits and contribute to the project of children’s safety in traffic:

  • Free plan delivery or electronic contract (depending on your choice)
  • Voucher for free vehicle inspection and diagnostics at Bosch Car Service
  • Voucher for 2 free nights in Rafting Center RT
  • Atlas24h will donate 50 dinars from each roadside assistance plan sold to the “Zebra on alert” project. In this way, the members of Atlas24h contribute to the development of the project of child safety in traffic, provide financial support and sustainability of this project.
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What our clients think about us:

  • “Excellent, fast and reliable service! Tow servicer deserved all the praise! For the first time, we encountered vehicle towing. The guy did his work systematically and conscientiously, so there was nothing to worry about. I want to thank you once again and wish you all the best in your future work! My recommendation!”

    Sanja Jovanovic

  • „Kindness and service at a very enviable level. Kudos to them. And I arrived at Atlas on the recommendation of my best man, who is also delighted. They know their job to do it right.“

    Miroslav Dzudovic