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The Atlas24h company strives to offer its users the best possible roadside assistance service. We constantly improve our service based on user needs. All drivers who become members of Atlas24h enter our Loyalty program where they can get many discounts such as a free vehicle inspection and diagnostics at Bosch Car Service. Below you can find a list of promotions and benefits to which you are entitled when purchasing the Atlas24h roadside assistance plan.

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International+ Plan

Feel safe and sound anywhere in Europe!

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List of special offers

  • Akcija 1+1!

    Naruči Nacionalni paket pomoći na putu za jedno vozilo i dobijaš poklon paket za drugo vozilo. Ukoliko nemate drugo vozilo paket možete pokloniti i vama dragoj osobi. Poklon paket sadrži asistenciju manje popravke na licu mesta (guma, struja, gorivo) ili šlepovanja do 100km. Paket traje 3 meseca. Akcija važi za sve Online prijave i traje do 29.2.2024. Prilikom naručivanja Nacionalnog paketa potrebno je u napomeni da napišete ime i kontakt telefon osobe kojoj poklanjate paket. Ukoliko paket aktivirate na vaše drugo vozilo u tom slučaju pišete samo podatke o vašem drugom vozilu.


    Whether long or short, family or business trips must always be as safe as possible. Our partners from Lidl know exactly that, so we have jointly created a special Lidl Plus plan. The plan covers the territory of Serbia and includes towing assistance up to 150 km and on-site repairs as well as additional options. The annual price of the plan is 2,490 dinars, and in order to take advantage of this promotional price, you need to download the discount code from your Lidl Plus application, which you will later enter on the form of the Lidl Plus plan. Click on “more information” below to find out the entire contents of the plan and secure yourself on the roads in Serbia.

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    Summer promotion for the International+ plan!

    This summer we have many reasons to celebrate. Atlas24h has been helping drivers feel safe and carefree on the road for 16 years. We are the company with the longest tenure on the territory of Serbia in the field of roadside assistance services in the private sector. That we are on the right path is also told by the “Golden Plaque” , the recognition that was presented to us at the 55th International Car Fair in Belgrade as the best assistance company.

    In cooperation with drivers in Serbia, we created a roadside assistance plan that is ideal for this summer! International Plus the plan brings even greater peace of mind in driving both in Serbia and in Europe with the assistance of unlimited towing distance or vehicle repair up to 500 euros! Wherever you go with your car, you will feel as safe as if you were at home.

    In order to celebrate 16 years of Atlas, we have provided a discount of 1,500 dinars on the regular price of the plan! The best price-quality ratio awaits you this winter with the International Plus plan. The discount also applies to Online and phone applications and lasts until June 30, 2024.


    If you are a person who likes to have a membership card and paper with you, you don’t have to worry about additional costs! We are aware that courier services have increased the price of plan delivery, so the delivery of even the smallest parcels starts at 400-500 dinars. Atlas24h welcomes new members with free plan delivery, so you don’t have to think about extra costs because delivery is free of charge for Online and telephone applications also! Free shipping lasts until June 30, 2024.



List of benefits


    We are aware of the fact that when traveling on holiday or vacation, you can forget to order the roadside assistance plan for your vehicle in a hurry. It is certainly our recommendation that you are always provided with a plan so that you do not have to solve such an important matter at the last minute. But if you already find yourself in such a situation, know that Atlas24h has a solution for you. This spring season, we have provided you with immediate activation of the selected plan within 48 hours of recording the payment in our system. This applies to Online and phone applications as well.


    When ordering a plan, each Atlas user can choose in which format they want to receive their roadside assistance contract – in paper form (by courier service) or electronically. Our recommendation is electronic in the form of an eContract. The eContract contains information about the contract holder, vehicle, plan expiration date and SOS number. Vouchers also arrive in electronic form. If you do not want to wait for the courier service or are not a fan of paperwork, choose eContract.


    Yes, exactly as you read. Atlas24h company has existed for more than 15 years, and during that time we have raised the level of our service to the highest possible. We have over 400 vehicles on the territory of Serbia, while abroad we cooperate with the highest quality partners and are ready 24/7 to provide the highest quality roadside assistance. We carefully keep statistics and measure the results of our service, and we can confidently claim that you will be satisfied with our assistance! If this is not the case, we will return the amount you paid when activating the plan within which the assistance was provided. The promotion is valid for every online application. After online registration, you will receive a confirmation of the purchase order by e-mail, and you only need to save that e-mail as proof that you have registered through the site.